Yes…this is me. I was born and brought up in Guyana where I was based until 1987. As Indo-Guyanese-Caribbean now living in the UK, I consider myself part of the Caribbean Diaspora located in Europe. My religious heritages include Islam, Hinduism and Christianity – Caribbean style: meaning a variety of religious impulses. I embody polydoxy!

Like so many other members of the Caribbean Diaspora, “home” has a strange ring as it continues to be “elsewhere” for me!

I get excited over cricket, big screens and good films, authentic rum punch [that is, Grenadian Style and Guyana rum], good Caribbean Curry (largely creolised) and, of course the ever elusive Anancy/Anansi (patron saint of the Caribbean).

I am the eldest of eight siblings (seven brothers and one sister). My parents (now deceased), along with three brothers and my sister (and their families) wisely remained in Guyana. My other siblings (one now deceased) and their families live in the USA and the Bahamas. My extended family is scattered across land and water…I am married to Leonora and we are the parents of Philip and William. The other member of our family is Loki (pronounced Lucky) our Border terrier.