Here is a list of some of my more recent publications:


  1. Ethnicity: The Inclusive Church Resource by Michael Jagessar (DLT: London, 2015)
  2. In our Own Words edited by Michael Jagessar. (GiM: United Reformed Church, 2017)
  3. At Home with God and in the World: A Philip Potter Reader, edited by Michael Jagessar, Drea Fröchtling, Rudolf Hinz (World Council of Churches Publications: Geneva, 2013)
  4. Christian Worship: Postcolonial Perspectives by Michael N. Jagessar & Stephen Burns (Equinox Publishers, 2011)
  5. The Edge(s) of God: New Liturgical Texts and Contexts in Conversation, Michael Jagessar, Stephen Burns and Nicola Slee (Epworth/SCM, December 2008).
  6. Postcolonial Black British Theology, Michael Jagessar & Anthony Reddie (Epworth Press, 2007), 180pp. ISBN 978-0-7162-0625-5
  7. Black Theology in Britain – A Reader, Michael Jagessar & Anthony Reddie (Equinox Publishers, August 2007), 288pp.
  8. Full Life for All: The Work and Theology of Philip A. Potter, (Boekencentrum BV, Zoetermeer 1997), 358pp. ISBN 90 239 06187

Articles/Essays in Books etc (selected)

  1. “two ears, one tongue: beyond words in our life together” in Liturgy: A Journal of the Liturgical Conference (34/2019), pp.51-58
  2. “4 Hearings, Broken Bodies & Justice” in Insight Volume 2 (CWM, 2019), pp.24-29
  3. “beyond words, gestures and spaces: evoking and imagining liturgical contradictions” in Liturgy with a Difference: beyond inclusion in the Christian Assembly. Edited by Stephen Burns and Bryan Cones (SCM 2019), pp.126-136
  4. “Living Missional Lives on a Diverse Landscape: Reconstructing Mission in the Caribbean” in Growing from Experiment (CANACOM, 2019)
  5. “chanting down the shitstem: subverting empire, performing resistance” in Religion and Power. Edited by Jione Havea (Lexington Books, 2019), pp.87-104
  6. “beyond context: an intercultural perspective from the UK” in Wrestling with God in Context: Revisiting the Theology and Social Vision of Shoki Coe edited by Victor Hsu, Huang Po Ho, M. P Joseph (Fortress Press 2018), 265-278
  7. “Table habits, liturgical pelau, and displacing conversation: a postcolonial excursion” in Postcolonial Practice of Ministry: Leadership, Liturgy and Interfaith Engagement (Lexington Books: New York, 2016), pp. 91-108
  8. “Beyond word in worship: a postcolonial excursion” in In Word and Spirit, edited by John H. Burgess (Spiritualseekers Publications: Exeter, 2016), 87-106
  9. Displace theologizing: Fragments of intercultural adventurous God-talk” in Black Theology: An International Journal 13’3 (2015), pp. 258-272
  10. “Holy Crumbs, Table Habits, and (Dis)placing Conversations – Beyond ‘only one is holy’ in Liturgy in Postcolonial Perspectives: Only One is Holy by Claudio Carvalhaes (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), pp 223-240.
  11. “For Christ’s Sake! Post-coding Christ-Talk,” in Home and Away: Contextual Theology and Local Practice, edited by Stephen Burns and Clive Pearson (Pickwick Publications: Oregon, 2013), pp. 48-71
  12. “The Sea is History: the Caribbean and the Deep as Paradigms for doing theology on a Postcolonial Landscape”, in Black Theology: An International Journal 10/2 (2012), pp.169-183.
  13. “Festivals in the ministry of Jesus and the life of the Christian” in Light for our Path edited by Kate Hughes (IBRA: Birmingham, UK, 2012)
  14.  “Prayers for the season of Epiphany,” in Still Praying – Prayer Handbook of the United Reformed Church (United Reformed Church 2011)
  15. “Readings in Matthew (20-25)” in Light for Our Path edited by Kate Hughes (IBRA: Birmingham, UK,2011)
  16. “Living Missional Lives in a Multi-faith Landscape: Some Thoughts on Reconstructing Mission,” in Bangalore Theological Forum 2010. Also published in Towards a Reconstruction of Mission Stories edited by Wauchope, Joshva Raja, Sumithra N. Fernando, Val Ogden (ISPCK: India, 2010).
  17. “Positive Vibrations”, “Aging Without Regret”,  “Risking a de-cluttered life”,  “The wonder of Words”, “Faith and Food”,  “Sharing Caribbean Stories”,  “Compost Spirituality”,  “There is Room”  (Mini-Resurrection Series) in Reform. Publication of the United Reformed Church (April-December 2010).
  18. “Treasures of Darkness: Biblical Reflections” in Words for Today 2010 edited by Nicola Slee (IBRA: Birmingham, 2009), pp.343-349
  19. “A Brief Con-version: A Caribbean and Black-British Postcolonial Scrutiny of Christian Conversion” in Black theology: An International Journal 7/3 (2009), pp. 300-324.
  20. “Is Jesus the only Way? Doing Black Christian God-Talk in a Multi-Religious City (Birmingham, UK)”, in Black Theology and International Journal 7/1 (2009), pp.1-30.
  21. “The Sacred in Caribbean Literature: A Theological Conversation,” in Reading Spiritualities: Constructing and Re-presenting the Sacred Deborah Sawyer and Dawn Llewellyn (Hampshire & Burlington: Routledge, 2008), pp.27-50.
  22. “Interrogating John Wesley’s Thoughts Upon Slavery: A Black British and Caribbean Theological Perspective” in Bangalore Theological Forum (40/1, June 2008), pp.67-77. Also, “Review Essay” in Black Theology: An International Journal (July 2007), pp. 250-255.
  23. “Early Methodism in the Caribbean: Through the Imaginary Optics of Gilbert’s Slave Women-Another Reading” in Black Theology: An International Journal (July 2007), pp.153-170
  24. “Spinning Theology: Trickster, Texts, and Theology” in Postcolonial Black British Theology: New Textures and Themes. Edited by Michael Jagessar & Anthony Reddie (Peterborough: Epworth Press, 2007)
  25. “Liturgical Studies and Christian Worship: The Postcolonial Challenge,” Black Theology: An International Journal (January 2007), pp.39-62
  26. “Bound Coolie: Resistance, Liberation and the Religious Imagination of Bechu (1894-1901) in Humanitas  7/2 (April 2006), pp.158-179
  27. “Fragments of a Postcolonial Perspective on Christian Worship” in Worship (March 2006). A jointly written article with Stephen Burns
  28. “Liberating Cricket: Through the Optic of Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan,” in Black Theology: An International Journal 2/2 (July 2004), pp.239-249
  29. “Preaching With A View: Weaving A Sermon – Anancy’s Subversion,” in The Journal of the College of Preachers 117 (July 2004), pp.41-48.
  30. “Wind-Rush – Affirming Diversity: A Pentecost Reflection,” in Black Theology: An International Journal (2/1, January 2004), pp.117-118.
  31. “Cultures in Dialogue: The Contribution of a Caribbean Theologian,” in Black Theology: An International Journal (1/2, 2003), pp.139-160.
  32. “Philip Potter: Portret van een Zwarte Caribiër in de Blanke Oecumene”, in Wereld en Zending (4/2002), pp. 32-41
  33. “Words Hurt: Language & Racism,” in Reform (May 2000
  34. “Pan Recipe: Philip Potter and Theology in the Caribbean,” Black Theology in Britain (5/2000), pp. 68-89
  35. “Anancy’s First Sermon: Theology and Caribbean Folklore,” VPG Journal (July/August 1999), pp.3-9
  36. “Philip Potter: A Caribbean theology of Life,” Exchange 27/3, July 1998. (Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research), pp. 248-273
  37. “Wilson Harris, the Imagination and the ‘Infinite Rehearsal’: A Theological Perspective,” in Wilson Harris: The Uncompromising Imagination, ed. by Hena Maes-Jelinek, Dangaroo Press (1991), pp.221-230
  38. “JPIC and the Rastafarians,” in One World 163 (WCC: February 1991), pp.15-17
  39. “Bob Marley: Caribbean Musician with a Prophetic Mission,” in Youth 12/3 (December 1988). Publication of the Education and Renewal Unit of the WCC, Geneva. pp.8-10
  40. ‘Breaking Down Barriers,’ (a Unit of six sessions) in Fashion Me a People, Juniors (Year I), 1981.
  41. ‘Love God, Love Your Neighbour,’ (a Unit of six Sessions) in Fashion Me A People, Caribbean Conference of Churches Curri­culum for Seniors (Year I), 1981.
  42. “Changes” & “What can we do?” in Worship Around the World, edited by Plant & Hardy (CANEC Publishing House: Canada, 1980), pp.79-80

Presentations/Papers (Selected)

  1. “a reforming imagination: conversation points for today”. Keynote presentation at the Annual GiM Intercultural Edgy Conference (December 12-14, 2017), 10 pages.
  2. “belonging together: an intercultural journey”. Lecture/Presentation at the Annual Intercultural Gathering of the Salvation Army (March 2017), 15 pages
  3. “beyond inclusion: Undressing “belonging together’. The 2015 Inclusive Church Annual Lecture in London (July 2015) 15 pages.
  4. “Postcolonial Fragments and intercultural God-talk: Dis-place Theologising” Lecture given at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto (March 14, 2014) 14 pages.
  5. “Critical Engagement with Liberal Faith/Religion: A Just and Intercultural Take”. Public Lecture at Doncaster Unitarian and Interfaith Gathering (March 8, 2014), 10 pages.
  6. “Hope as Missional Impulse: Beyond the Legacy of David Livingstone.” Council for World Mission Public Lecture (July 18th 2013, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow), 12 pages.
  7. “Abundance, Generosity and an Intercultural Habit: Mission in Unity on a Diverse Landscape”, Paper presented at Meeting of Mission Network of CTBI (Lumen, November 4, 2012), 9 pages
  8. Dis-place Theologising: Towards Intercultural God-Talk,” Paper presented at Black theology Conference, Queens Birmingham (July 22-23, 2011), 12 pages.
  9. “For Christ’s Sake! Post-coding Christ-Talk”. Paper Presented at Black Theology Conference (July 2010), 17 pages
  10. “Marginal Voices, Diversity and Renewal: Reforming God-Talk”. Paper presented at the Reforming Theology Conference (November 28, 2010) 13 pages
  11. The Sea is History’: Caribbean Sea and the Deep as Paradigms for Doing Theology on a Postcolonial Landscape”. Paper delivered at Black Theology Forum May 2009. 33pages.
  12. “A Brief Con-version: A Caribbean Postcolonial Scrutiny of Christian Conversion”. Paper delivered at Black Theology Annual Conference, June 18, 2008. 30pages. presently refereed for publication.
  13. “Interrogating Caribbean History, Freedom and Theology: An Anancy Gaze”. Paper Presented at Black Theology Conference (July 23, 2007, Queens Foundation), 14 pages.
  14. “Unending the Bible: The Book of Revelation through the Optics of Anancy and Rastafari”. Paper presented at Conference on Colouring Ministry (July 27, 2006, Queens Foundation), 13 pages.
  15. “Bound Coolie: Resistance, Liberation and the Religious Imagination of Bechu 1894-1901.” Paper Presented at American Academy of Religion Conference (Caribbean and Latin American Group), Philadelphia, November 18, 2005. pp.1-19
  16. “Rain-bow City: Anancy, Multiple Somersaults and the Art of Limbo.” Paper presented at Conference on Ethnicity and Culture in the Global City (University of Birmingham, July 25-26, 2005), pp.1-12
  17. “Spinning Theology: Trickster, Texts, and Theology”. Paper Presented at the “Colouring Theology” Conference sponsored by the Black Theology Forum (Queens College) and Black Theology: An International Journal and held at Queen’s College, Birmingham on July 14, 2005.
  18. “Caribbean Literature: A Theological Conversation.” Paper Presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies (Newcastle University, June 29 – July1 2005. pp.1-32
  19. “Anancy, Subversive Conversation and Theological Discourse: An Exploration.” Paper presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies, (Lancaster University, July 1-3 2004), pp.1-25.
  20. “The World is a Storied Place”. Input and reflections at the Annual FE Chaplain’s Conference (College of York, St. John: 8-10 July 2003).
  21. “Bob Marley, Post-Colonial Hermeneutics and Theology”. Annual WMMTC Lecture, Queen’s College (September 2002)
  22. “Together in God’s Grace: Diversity and Christian Community”, Presentation at United College of the Ascension, Day Course on Racism and Colonialism. (June 16th 2001)
  23. “Anancy, Sub-Versive Conversation and Theology,” Presentation at Forum for Black Theology in Britain (May 31st 2001)
  24. “Keeping the Adventure in Discipleship,” Presentation at Weoley Hill URC Away Day (May 12th 2001)
  25. “Seeking a Deeper Faith”, Two Presentations at St. Paul’s Balsall Heath Parish Quiet Day, (April 7th 2001)
  26. “Prophets & Prophecy/” “Caribbean Prophets”, “You, Me & Prophecy”,  “The Power to Speak”, “Embracing Diversity”, “Growing Together”, “Called to Care”, “Pastoral Care & Racism”, “Towards a Ministry of Care” – Sessions taught for LEARNING & GROWING, Adult Christian Learning for URC Minority Ethnic members in Inner City contexts. South Aston URC
  27. “Worship and Social Justice: Making the Connections,” Presentation and Discussion at West Orchard URC Church Day, Red Hill Christian Center (September 16 2000)
  28. “One House, Many Rooms – Together in God’s Grace: The Ecumenical Vocation,” Address given at West Midlands Ministerial Training Course (WMMTC) Residential Week (April 28th 2000)
  29. “The Epiphany of Mission: A Congregation’s Journey,” Session presented at Caribbean and North American Council for Mission (CANACOM) (January 1999)

Reviews (Selected)

  1. Review of “Overcoming Self-Negation: the Church and Junkanoo in Contemporary Bahamian Society” in Black Theology: An International Journal 19/3 (2021), 276-278
  2. Review of “The origins of Protestant aesthetics in early modern Europe: Calvin’s Reformation poetics” in Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies/Rev. can. d’études néerlandaises 41/1 (2021): 103-107
  3. Review of “Liturgies from below: praying with people at the end of the world (also published as From the ends of the world: prayers in defiance of empire)” in Black Theology: an International Journal 19/2 (2021)182-185
  4. Review of “Revolutionary change and democratic religion: Christianity, Vodou and Secularism” in Black Theology: An International Journal 19/1 (2021), 95-98
  5. Review of “Theologising Brexit: A Liberationist and Postcolonial Critique” in Black Theology: An International Journal 18/2 (2020), 190-192
  6. Review of “Mission, Anguish, and Defiance: A Personal Experience of Black Clergy Deployment in the Church of England”, in Black Theology: An International Journal 18/1 (2019), 104-105
  7. Review of African Voices: Towards African British Theologies in Black Theology: An International Journal 16/2 (2018), 182-184
  8. Review of African Voices: Towards African British Theologies in Black Theology: An International Journal 16/2 (2018), 182-184
  9. Review of Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry” in Black theology: An international Journal 15/3 (2017) 282-283
  10. “Review of Overlooked Voices: An Indian Quest” in Black Theology: An International Journal 15/3 (2017), 279-280
  11. Review of “My Soul is in Haiti: Protestantism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas” in Black Theology: An International Journal 14/3 (2016), 280-281
  12. “Review of Justice as Equality: Michael Manley’s Caribbean Vision of Justice” (New York: American University Studies, 2010), in Black Theology: An International Journal 10/2 (2012), pp.212-215.
  13. “Review of Out of Place: Doing theology on the Cross Cultural Brink” by Jione Havea and Clive Pearson (London & Oakville: Equinox, 2011), in Black Theology: An International Journal 10/2 (2012), pp.235-236.
  14. “Review of The Cross and the Machete: Native Baptists of Jamaica – Identity, Ministry and Legacy” (Jamaica: Ian Randle Press, 2010) in Black Theology: An International Journal 10/1 (2012),pp.127-130
  15. “Review of Legba’s Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic” by Heather Russell (Athens and London: University of Georgia Press, 2009) in Black Theology: An International Journal 10/1 (2012), pp.119-121.
  16. “Review of Made for Goodness: And why this makes all the Difference?” in Reform (September 2010).
  17. “Review of Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883–1918” by Jeffrey B. Perry, (New York: Columbia University Press, 2009) in Black Theology: An International Journal  8/3 (2010), pp,384-386.
  18. “Review of Black Muslims in Britain by Richard Reddie” (Oxford: Lion Book, 2009) in Black Theology: An International Journal 8/3 (2010), pp.379-83
  19. “Review” of Home we Build Together by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in Black Theology: An International Journal  8/1 (2010), pp.124-127.
  20.  “Review” of Chanting Down the New Jerusalem: Calypso, Christianity, and Capitalism in the Caribbean by Francio Guadeloupe in Black Theology: An International Journal  7/3 (2009), pp.366-367
  21. “Review” of Working Against the Grain: Re-imagining Black Theology in the 21st Centuryby Anthony Reddie in Black Theology: An International Journal  7/3 (2009), pp.368-370
  22. “Review” of Caribbean Diaspora in the USA: Diversity in Caribbean Religions in New York City by Bettina E. Schmidt in Black Theology: An International Journal  7/2 (2009), pp.233-235.
  23. “Review” of Mark and the Subalterns: A Hermeneutical Paradigm for a Postcolonial Context by C.I. David Joy in Black Theology: An International Journal 7/1 (2009), pp.114-116.
  24. “Review” of Home away from Home: The Caribbean Diasporan Church in the Black Atlantic Tradition by Delroy A. Reid-Salmon in Black Theology: An International Journal 7/1 (2009), pp.117-121.
  25.  “Review” of Trees of Cuba & Flowers of Cuba by Angela Levina T. Sánchez and Herbal Plants of Jamaica by Monica Warner in Society for Caribbean Studies Newsletter 57 (Autumn 2008), pp.40-42
  26. “Review of A-Z of Grenda Heritage by John Angus Martin and A-Z of Bahamas Heritage by Michael Craton in Society for Caribbean Studies Newsletter 57 (Autumn 2008), pp.47-48
  27. “Review” of Key Words in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam by Ron Geaves (Washington DC: Georgetown University Presss, 2006) in Teaching Theolgy & Religion 11/3 (July 2008), pp.178-179.
  28. “Review” of Abolition! The Struggle to Abolish Slavery in the British Colonies” (Oxford: Lion Hudson, 2007), Black Theology: An International Journal 5/3 (November, 2007), pp.380-383.
  29. “Review” of Black Theology in Transatlantic Dialogue (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006) by Anthony Reddie in Church Times (April 20 2007), p.26
  30. “Review” of Respect: Understanding Caribbean British Christianity (Peterborough: Epworth Press, 2005) by J.D. Aldred in Black Theology: An International Journal  5/1 (2007), pp.128-130.
  31. “Review” of Understanding Sikhism (Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press, 2004) in teaching Theology and Religion 9/4 (October 2006), pp. 250-252.
  32. “Review” of The Rise and Demise of Black Theology (Hants, England: Ashgate, 2006) by Alistair Kee in Church Times (August 2006).
  33. “Review” of Teaching Diversity: Challenges and Complexities, Identities and Integrity (Madison, Wisconsin: Atwood Publishing, 2003) edited by Timpson, Canetto in Teaching Theology and Religion 8/3 (July 2005), pp..193-194.
  34. “Review” of The Bread for Today and the Bread for Tomorrow: The Ethical Significance of the Lord’s Supper in the Korean Context by Dong-sun Kim (Verlag Lang, 2001) in Review of Biblical Literature (March 2004), pp.1-4
  35. “Review” of Marginal Migrations: The Circulation of Cultures within the Caribbean by Shalini Puri (Oxford, 2003) in Society for Caribbean Studies Pamphlet (Autumn 2003).
  36. “Review” of Rejection, Resistance and Resurrection: Speaking Out on Racism in the Church (London: DLT, 2005) by Mukti Barton in Black Theology: An International Journal 4/2 (July 2006), pp.233-235.
  37. “Review” of Postcolonial Theologies: Divinity and Empire (St. Louis, MI: Chalice Press, 2004) by Keller, Nausner and Riveria (eds). In Black Theology: An International Journal 3/2 (July 2005), pp.248-251.

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