I am a writer, blogger and wayward theologian, of the Caribbean Diaspora and  currently transiting in the UK. I currently work as the person responsible for Global and Intercultural Ministries of the United Reformed church (UK)from our Assembly Office. For many years I taught Ecumenical Studies; Interfaith Studies; Modern theologians and Ministry in Intercultural Contexts.  I am currently ‘non-aligned’ and it is liberating to be a maverick ‘scholar and student’ at large! For a number of years, I am served as a trustee and vice-convenor of Grassroots, a community based interfaith organisation and I still follow the excellent work they do. I am on the editorial board of Black Theology: An International Journal.

I am also a writer of short stories and a story-teller. Among my many projects is that of re-claiming Anancy or Anansi, the Caribbean patron saint, as a conversation partner in re-telling biblical stories and theological ideas. My interest in things Caribbean, including Caribbean theology and Studies resulted in my involvement in the Society for Caribbean Studies in the UK. I served on the SCS committee until June 2009. You can also follow my facebook page on things Caribbean (Anansi Caribbean)


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