I am a writer, blogger and wayward theologian of the Caribbean Diaspora and  currently transiting in the UK. My present role is as the person responsible for Global and Intercultural Ministries of the United Reformed church (UK). For many years I taught Ecumenical Studies; Interfaith Studies; Modern theologians and Ministry in Intercultural Contexts.  I am currently ‘non-aligned’ and it is liberating to be a maverick ‘scholar and student’ at large! For a number of years, I am served as a trustee and vice-convenor of Grassroots, a community based interfaith organisation and I still follow the excellent work they do. I am on the editorial board of Black Theology: An International Journal.

I am also a writer of short stories and a story-teller. Among my many projects is that of re-claiming Anancy or Anansi, the Caribbean patron saint, as a conversation partner in re-telling biblical stories and theological ideas. My interest in things Caribbean, including Caribbean theology and Studies resulted in my involvement in the Society for Caribbean Studies in the UK. You can also follow my facebook page on things Caribbean (Anansi Caribbean)


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