CCTV, Big Brother and Trust

We are being watched. With the number of CCTV cameras and airborne satellite cameras, it feels like our every move is being observed, tracked and recorded. New technology is now available to even watch those watching us to see what they are missing.

We have been led to believe that because of evil people around us, bent on destroying the very core of what it means to be a democratic society, we need to become a more security conscious nation or state. What we are not told, but should quickly discern, is that that we are all suspects and that no one can be trusted. Are there more criminals than honest people around? Is every person a potential evil doer? What kind of lives and society are we cultivating by suspecting each other?

This has become so much of second, if not first nature that we would not be surprised to find that our reality TV shows are heavily viewed. WE just love spying on each other. The other person should be the focus, not me. Privacy, decency and trust are words that have been become homeless.

Trust is no longer a quality to emulate. It is more about being docile, not protesting and being well behaved – in other words- a nation of zombies. Yet, trust is not a possession we can secure for ourselves and to ration out. It is at the core – the living tissue of our relationships [with each other and with God]. It is relational.

Trust embraces leaning, letting go and leaping. When we are unable to trust, the community trusts for us and with us. When we let go, we are held by others and by God in faith, in prayer and hope. When we trust God we are able to let go, despite our pain and fears, and leap into life.

Trust is the release of both mind and heart to the Divine, not to the dictates of fear. And all the world of our CCTV’s, however important some of these may be, will not create safer spaces where we will reclaim the ability to trust and live without fear, in community and for each other.

© copyright September 5, 2010

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