Galilean Leaks

The wiki-leaks have really created uproar from people and authorities that are less than keen to be transparent: consequently the witch-hunt on the one person associated with the leaks, including every attempt to shut-down moves at uncovering what is covered up. The shroud of secrecy is what the power-brokers and hand washing Pilates and agents of death thrive on.

My deceased grandmother as will many older heads in the Caribbean and Latin America with their years of reading the role of superpowers in the region could have disclosed such leaks without the use of any modern technology. The habits of the powerful and strong never change – they simply assume more sophisticated garb to deploy their conniving and destructive forces. And we are led to believe that for our safety and security this is why we should not want know the truth. So much for democracy with all its checks and balances!

Long before wiki-leaks, governments and people in power have been afraid/fearful of “leaks” – that is the uncovering of what is covered up. Interestingly, the Greek work for truth (alethia) actually means to uncover what is covered up! No wonder Pilate could have supposedly posed the question: what is truth?

Indeed, Jesus would have been at the heart of many Galilean-Leaks. No wonder he was nailed to a tree trunk, even though such an act did not kill or cover up truth – it simply overflowed as a result of that act.

And what are some of the Galilean-Leaks that led to his nailing? A few will suffice and hopefully stir your own imagination:

* Galilean-Leaks: Religious leaders met with Roman authorities to dispel the myth of the birth of a saviour.
* Galilean-Leaks: Religious establishment’s secret memo dismisses virgin birth as wishful thinking and parents as crack-pots
* Galilean-leaks: Herod had sleepless nights and severe temper tantrums. Roman authorities considered removing him!
* Galilean-Leaks: Herod had secret conversations with Egyptians about the whereabouts of the Child
* Galilean-leaks: Religious establishment reveal radicalisation of faith a threat of religious economy and well being of region
* Galilean-leaks: Religious Leaders worried that people were running after maverick religious teacher. Arranged secret meeting with authorities.
* Galilean-leaks: Memo reveal secret meeting with inner circle friend of radical teacher/healer with governing and religious authorities

Should this webpage be active after the publication of this blog, you may wish to return here for further Galilean-Leaks! In the meantime, a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with further uncovering of secrets that impoverish our life together. Truth, God in Christ, is here and available, if only we are able and willing to let go of restrictive and life-denying habits.

copyright © December 21, 2010


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