The Games – Picturing it Differently

Too many words remind me of the insight “use words only if necessary”. Images say more than all our words put together. So here are some of mine taken over the last two weeks with only brief comments.

Colourful Olympians and supporters everywhere. I must say I am enjoying an advertisement free BBC coverage, minus some of the drawn out interviews and sometime bias GB focus. Going for gold, Isuppose.

All seeking to become stars…..or more like us wishing to make them flying stars

Do you suppose this one is preparing for the butterfly event! I hope they are receiving the royalties on their copyrighted name!

And how about those designer head covers of the swimmers? Perhaps they were modelled from one of these?

And those gymnasts were poetry in motion – pure delight and a feast to the eyes. Quite unlike the political and economic gymnastics we are daily bombarded with.

And while I enjoy swimming there were the illusionary moments when I misjudged who were who in the pool – even with their head gears!

The going can be tough and at times the “heat” may be more than one can bear, so how about chilling out and let the demands of nation and world pass by…

And after all the rewards with some necks bending to the weight of gold, silver and bronze while others are bare and bruised….it’s back to the long haul. Perhaps, towards the hurdle of a triple dip in economic terms!

copyright© August 2, 2012

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