Limits of Syncronised Mindsets

synchronised parade or just chilling out?

Is it a conference of birds?

perhaps a liturgical parade?

……where symmetry and order

attempt to  bring all in line.

Look alike, similar or almost same

but not same.

Can you spot the difference?

the intra diversity?

the ambivalence?

the insecurity?

Whose view do you suppose?

bird’s eye?

pinhole of camera?

or an unknown viewer?

Not to mention the angle!

Synchronised mindsets

point to fear

of the deep and unknown

of what lies beyond

of the Spirit blowing where she wills….

Futile are

our efforts at wishing

to “capture” the Divine

in neat parcels of dogmas and creeds…

there are limits…

©jagessar November 11, 2012

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