Picturing It….

It is quite depressing listening to and reading some of the current news items. The growing meanness and inhospitable attitude of the Tory-LibDem coalition towards migrants and foreigners is sickening, as is the current story about blond children and the Roma Travellers. While seemingly different story lines, both underscore messages that feed bigotry, prejudices, hate, intolerance and give further mileage to the “far right” agenda. In terms of our government’s policy of migrants, Zoe Williams is spot on in observing:

“we’ve fallen into a trap where we accept from the outset that people are units of sale, to be weighed and measured by their economic activity. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter what the facts are – if immigrants are working, they’re taking our jobs; if they’re not working, they’re thieving our benefits. When money is scarce and that’s all that matters, the last thing we can afford is for people who don’t belong here to have any, however they came by it….”

Among the questions I have with regard to the view that the NHS is being “sponged” by migrants and tourists, is this: how much is the NHS and the UK sponging/sucking from developing and especially impoverished countries by recruiting their nurses and doctors to come and care for the health and well-being of British people? What is this costing these countries?

If like me, you are grasping for words to describe some of the sickening habits around us and struggling to call this place “home” – while contemplating what action you may wish to join in, here are some pictures (my images for your use) which may or may not say something, stir up words or help us to imagine alternatives…

colouring justice...with abundance and generosity for the long haul
colouring justice…with abundance and generosity for the long haul
may passion for justice glow, burn, grow and spread...
may passion for justice glow, burn, grow, spread, transform….
laying bare our hypocrisies...to experience hope rising
laying bare our hypocrisies…shedding prejudices to experience hope rising
reflecting mood...abridge to cross...choppy waters
reflecting mood…a bridge to cross…choppy waters, making waves
stones crying out...pleading to stony hearts
stones crying out…pleading to/melting stony hearts

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